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We hope you will find answers to most of your questions here.  If you need further information, please contact us


Frequently asked questions

We are frequently asked certain questions that we think many of our subscribers would find useful in understanding. We will constantly update this section with useful questions and answers over the coming months.


Q - Please explain what 1/12th, 1/24th an 1/48th means

A - The Doll House Miniature Scale is the proportion that a model is to the real thing that it represents. So a proportion of 1 to 12 means that for example ! foot (12 inches) in the real world would in the model  world equals 1 inches, etc.


It is called 1/12th (one twelfth) scale, 1:12 (one-to-twelve) scale or 1" (1 inch) scale, where 1 foot (12 inches) is understood to be the real world size.

1/24th scale(also know as half inch scale) is therefore ½ inch scale, ie: ½ inch to the foot

1/48th scale would be 1/4 inch to the foot (also know as quarter inch scale)

There are other scales such as 1/16th which is more for the older houses, but this is seldom found now( I do make beds and chairs in this scale to order)

other scales are such as 144th (Dutch scale) and is more like 1/12th scale having a Dollshouse and needing furniture it is very tiny.  Or 1/14th 1/10th & 1/6th etc. (these are larger dolls such as Barbie's , Lati Dolls or American Girl etc.

If you are not sure what your dolls house scale is  our rough rule of thumb is too measure the door height or a ceiling height i.e. if you have approx. a 6 inch door then it would equate to real life 6 foot so this would be a 1/12th scale house


Q - Do you have a shop, or do you just sell online?

A - At present the “Little House” is only online. You can find us at, or at our EBay or Etsy Sites. See home page for links.

We also exhibit at trade fairs around the UK and beyond.  Check out the fairs page for more information.


Q - Do you have a catalogue?

A - No, sorry we do not have a catalogue, but we do have a newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, please fill out the form at the bottom of each page.

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