Little House at the Priory

Where you can find that 'little' something special!

Dolls House Miniatures

Here at the Little House at the Priory is "Where you can find that LITTLE something special!"

A wide range of Dolls House Miniatures to make every dolls house enthusiast excited.

Hand Crafted, Hand Dressed Luxury Dolls House Beds, Furniture, Garden and Shop Items often OOAK (One Of A Kind)

and also unique to the Little House at the Priory.  We also offer a huge range of miniature Hand-made Accessories 


Most Items are 1/12th scale for your Miniature House, however we also have a wide range in 1/24th and 1/48th scales. 

(we also do custom orders and can also make 1/16th scale items) 

Pretty much anything a dolls house miniature collector could want of beautiful Miniature collectables.


Available to collectors worldwide.

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Important Information
Contact Information
Veronica Norris
Priory Cottage
New Road
Oxon OX18 2LF
Mobile :- 07595 050315

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