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A Brand New Website

After 10 Years our trusted website, started to play up and could no longer compete with modern coding. So apologies to all our customers who have tried to access the site in the past few months only to be greeted with a error message. (New Customers could get on but to all our Loyal Returning customers it was impossible) So new decade new website. Myself and my daughter Bonnie have created a new site concentrating on our Hand-Made items (you can still get Non Hand Made items from us , but you will need to let us know what it is you require or see us at our shows around the UK. We hope to have most of our items listed by the time we go live but don't worry if it's not listed as we are working hard to get all the items listed

The big change is that it is now a live checkout and the stock listed (should) be correct, that is to say Mr Norris sells a item at the shows and forgets to tell me. it does happen now and then but I have to forgive him as he does help for the love of it!!!!!

The site is lovely and modern whilst not being hard to navigate with no ghastly drop down lists that disappear when you scroll down, however as we are new to this website building lark (we have built two over the summer) we may have some things missing or not quite tweaked yet, so just drop us a line and let us know if you find a problem? The other site we built is for our New Fairs site -, where we will be organising two yearly fairs in Oxfordshire the first one is this October 28th 2017 in the beautiful Cotswold Town of Burford.

Hope you like your New Shopping Experience with Little House at the Priory

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